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Software infrastructure costs reduced by 20%

Identifying infrastructure and deployment challenges, CFO uses capptix to reduce the operational costs of running support center analytics

CapptixAI Platform 1

Understand how capptixAI platform helps you minimize operational costs of service center analytics and manage customer expectations

capptixAI Platform offers many benefits

CapptixAI Platform 2

Multi-Channel Support

CapptixAI Platform 3

Modern Platform

CapptixAI Platform 4

Multi-Tenant (White Labeled)

CapptixAI Platform 5

Faster Integrations

CapptixAI Platform 6

Reduce Cost Of Operations

CapptixAI Platform 7

Multi-Channel Support

Supports Multi Channel Customer Care Services such as Phone, Email, Website, Livechat, SMS and Social Media.

Modern Platform
Modern Service Center Platform built using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Science Modeling to analyze the customer issues and opportunities and take action quickly.
CapptixAI Platform 8
CapptixAI Platform 9
Multi-Tenant (White Labeled) – Easy For Multiple Service Centers
CapptixAI serves as a central portal for managing different service centers and can be installed on your servers (either on premise or hosted in your public or private cloud).
Faster Integration With API Driven Capabilities

CapptixAI is API driven and easily integrates with various chat software such as LivePerson, LiveEngage, Zendesk, Salesforce, LiveChat or custom built.

CapptixAI Platform 10
CapptixAI Platform 11
Reduce Cost Of Operations

Capptix platform is available in cloud as Platform as a service (PaaS) helping you save the cost of operations. It can also be hosted in your IT premises (On-premise) with our global support.

Anblicks’s Full stack developers, Data Science Engineers & Analytics experts are available 24×7 to solve your enterprise needs.

CapptixAI Platform 12

CFOs use Capptix Customer Analytics Platform to minimize operational costs and increase revenue.

See how capptixAI enables enterprises leverage customer engagement to drive retention and increase sales.

CapptixAI Platform 13

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10% improvement in Sales Conversions


Agent Training costs reduced by 15%


Customer Retention increased by 8% in 12 months